35. “GAS” by Tony Choy-Sutton

Sifting through the shitload of quality clips that hit this week I’ve noticed a trend: Nike is all over the damn place and not just on your shop’s shoe wall. I watched three clips in a row, all of which had no upfront marketing, that ended with some kind of “Nike SB” logo. They’re going all Lyndon Johnson on us and winning over our hearts and minds via independent projects and snatching up smaller-market faves like Kyron Davis to bring to the masses. Creepy. Still, they’re paying for the folk we want to see skate, travel, and get some footage which should progress skating, and the industry, right? Sure. Still, something dubious is going on. Which is why it brings me pleasure that, even with all the great Nike-associated work out there this week (HecticGronze Island, George) I was most stoked on a wholly independent affair.

And really, nothing gets me more stoked than seeing people I know ripping. Even people I loosely know, as is the case with everyone in this clip from Tony Choy-Sutton, who puts these little videos out at least once every year or two. None of the people in his clips are pros and Tony is not a professional skate filmer yet their tricks are constantly among the best stuff happening in New york and Tony’s camera is steady and measured. The transitions may be a bit unoriginal but are pulled off in totally original ways, the music moody enough to not distract from the skating but still have a vibe, and the spots ridiculously varied, especially for New York. It looks like he put a sharpen filter on a bunch of this mini DV footage which gives a lot of it a surreal quality. I’m not sure if that’s on purpose for a weird effect, on purpose to correct mistakes, on purpose just for shits and giggles, or not on purpose at all and I’m seeing something that isn’t there but I’m feeling the look. I’d give you all sorts of other pointless analysis of this clip but there’s really no reason, it freakin rips and I think you’ll be able to see why. These aren’t professionals, they’re not sponsored in any meaningful professional way, and no one is shouted out whatsoever. Is anyone wearing Nikes? Who knows and who cares.



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